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July 9, 2019

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It has been about a month since my computer crashed and I was left hopeless to ever catching up on edits! Thankfully with several backups I did not loose any currect work just current edits!! Since I have been back up in running I have been able to finish up this lovely famiy's matenrity and newborn session. Before miss Cate was born in December this sweet family and I captured some beautiful maternity shots at park near the Gibson's house. It was a sweet moment watching Cate's sisters cozy in next to Natalie to get closer that sweet (little) baby bump!! 

I mean really is there even a baby in there!  

 It was such a gorgeous fall day.  If I remember correctly we had just dodged the rain. 


I loved watching the interaction between this sweet little family. This little baby was about to be their whole world and you could just see the joy and excitement in each one of their eyes. 


Baby Cate arrived on on December 7th and just a few days later I was getting the chance to h...


Well this blog post is way overdue but I couldn't help but post these precious moments I got with the Mahoney family. Little Victoria is such a sassafras with her little grey elephant, Baby.  She did not want to put that thing down! Their session took place by the salmon falls bridge in this cute area where most people don't think to stop besides the occasional fishermen. I'm pretty sure those guys were not our biggest fans that day and left with less than the desired amount of fish. We were pretty loud trying to get miss stubborn to break that straight face!! 




 I don't normally ask clients to say "CHEESE" because you get a fake cheesey smile that way. Of course I did not ask Victoria to say "Cheese" but I still got this cheesey smile!! 




 Her mommy and daddy can definately provoke her to giggle and smile!

 Oh the many smiles of Victoria!! 

 The lake made for such a breathtaking background and we finally got some genuine smiles from miss thang!! 

I l...



We orginally planned this shoot just for little Ella but we took one look at the location and had to incorporate both girls. Such graceful little girls there was no question, both of them had to be a part of it. Ella is such a nautral caregiver to her little mini me she made the experience flawless. Ava was full of smiles for me and definately knew how to work the camera.


 After getting a few shots of the girls together and Ava alone it was time for miss Ella's close up. Her soft and gentleness with her sister flows through every aspect of her personality all the way to her sweet little rabbit. 


 Mama was looking for the sun kissed flare look and we were definately  able to achieve that by the light of the lake and purple flower field. We took a little walk from the purple flowers to this beautiful field of dry grass where Ella got to try out her fairy princess side. She got a kick out of it and I got a kick out of trying to get her to grant a wish to the sky and flowe...

October 15, 2014

One year old Jett and I recently had a play date at Castle Park in Folsom.  A place of many fond memories for his mother and I. Where many after school shenanigans took place and endless hours of laughter.  Brittany (Jett's mom) and I were only acquaintances growing up. Being a year apart in school we had many mutual friends and experiences that tied us together but never really became friends. It wasn't until years later when Miss Anderson became Mrs. Smith and then Mommy Smith that our friendship has grown and I have been so blessed to watch her children grow up into little people! 


So back to Jett and my play date. This play date was not like most of my play dates with my little people I photograph. This time we had a real super cool airplane prop (provided by another one of my clients! I love having awesome clients) I mean rightfully so for a boy named JETT!! Gotta have a theme with that name! And boy does his name fit! I think you might have a future pilot in your hands...

June 15, 2014

When scouting a location for a portrait session there are many things I take into consideration, first and foremost the people or thing I will be photographing! This is always the most important especially when it comes to photographing kids under the age of five especially when they are just walking/ running. I cannot tell you how many times when I was first starting out that I chose a place that was heavily populated with people or super interesting things! Sure the location has to have a sense of appeal to that age group but it shouldn't be HEAVILY saturated with so much going on that a child cannot focus on the task at hand (ha what am I talking about you get maybe two seconds of a child's attention before they are onto the next thing, I have learned to think/click quick!).


Anyway, first I think of whom I am photographing. For this session it was a family of three (almost four) with an 18-month-old child! So I was looking for a location that had a lot of space for the little guy to...

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