My Best Friend Hudson | Old Folsom

Ok I have to admit I have never ran out of gas in my entire life until the morning of Hudson's portfolio session!! I was literally down the street and my car just puttered out! How professional I thought. First porfolio session of my career and I had to call the mom for a ride! I called, I confessed and she rushed over to me assuring me that this has happened to her before. Thank you for an understanding mama!! Thankfully the actual session didn't start out as rocky as the intial meeting! Hudson was well, a PRO! To mom's relief he was a natural and did not complain once!! 


 This blue outfit really made his eyes pop! 

 At this point he was really hamming it up and I was loving it!! 

 We took a trip over to the train. It didn't have great light but it sure made Hudson light up! 



Such the natural poser!  

 We took a little break to have some juice and play with a slinky that he didn't quite know how to use so he just swung it around!! He loved it! 

 At this point is when I realized that Hudson and I were best friends and he got a kick out of it everytime I called him that!! I don't think he agreed! 


 Can we say J Crew model!! 


This little stud was so many kinds of fun that I cannot wait until next time he needs more portfolio shots!! 


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