At Home with Baby Avery Jane | Redwood City, CA


 One of the best feelings in life is seeing the people closest to you happy and in love. Seeing is one thing but getting to be part of these intimate moments I get to selfishly feel just a little bit of their bliss. I have said it before but telling a story for someone through my lens is like tapping into that person's soul for just a little while. These moments inevitably change me as person. I learn something new about myself after every session. Spending a few hours with a person getting to know them and capturing the most raw parts of them... that is my CHURCH. 


This beautiful afternoon in Redwood City I was able to capture my thoughtful and beautiful friend Laurel, her attentive and goofy husband, Bob and their sweet, precious baby girl Avery Jane. They welcomed Avery on April 9th and they have been swooning over her ever since. Avery already loves going on adventures with mom and dad to the redwoods and even wine tasting. She especially loves watching her favorite sports teams, Sixers and Phillies with daddy. I think she loves cuddling with mom and dad the most out of all these things.


It was such a gift getting to photographing my friends and their new adventure. 





















 Cannot wait to come visit again and get all the cuddles! 


Love auntie,